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11 Aug

Lead Generation

Seller lead generation that actually converts.

8 months ago

Anyone in the real estate industry knows that the #1 priority of every agent is this: to have as many listings as you possibly can. More listings will lead to greater word-of-mouth, more referrals, a stronger reputation and, possibly most importantly, more income and more revenue for the agent-you. This has never been more true than in today’s seller’s market.

Seller lead generation that actually converts.

But how does an agent ensure a steady flow of quality listings? There are many tried and true ways of keeping an agent’s listing book full. But the hands-down top strategy across the board, in any market, is this:

Real estate agents must, must, must have the best tools and systems in place to generate the leads they want and need. Sadly, many agents don’t have this one elusive, powerful tool at their disposal. But it’s not because the tool isn’t out there. It is. It’s because it’s not being used, implemented and leveraged to capture and capitalize upon listings in today’s market.

One of our top priorities here at Inc Brands is to keep our position as the industry leader by giving the real estate industry the best in seller-based lead generation. Our teams have literally spent thousands of hours developing and refining the system known amongst top producers as Realpin Pro. Realpin Pro is a lead generation system that provides these two features and benefits found nowhere else in the industry: Tracing and Analytics.

In depth tracing to capture real sellers at the exact time so that the seller is likely to convert to a listing for the real estate agent.

In depth behavior analytics that give you the edge needed to nurture those leads to the close, at the exact time they’re ready to buy.

The Realpin Pro marketing team has partnered with media giant, Google, to develop our proprietary marketing strategy. This strategy will achieve the absolute best results for both real estate agents and brokers.

Seller lead generation that actually converts.






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