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17 Mar

Lead Generation

Online Marketing - Transformed by data regulation

about 3 years ago

Marketing and advertising industries, particularly those who operate in the online space, are needing to quickly adapt to the changing environment surrounding data regulation and privacy. This is due to three main influences- the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, change initiated at the highest level of Big Tech companies, and increased awareness and concern regarding personal privacy from individuals and governments. The advancement of digital technologies was significantly increase by the COVID-19 pandemic as the world rapidly had to pivot to a virtual world for industries that never planned to go virtual. This has created significant impacts on revenue and revenue growth across a variety of industries.

Online Marketing - Transformed by data regulation

User data exploited for behavioral manipulation has increased over time, with consumers becoming significantly more aware over the past several years. This has been highlighted by several high-profile elections. This has caused an increase in individuals becoming concerned that their data is being used in ways they feel invalidates their privacy, as evident by WhatsApp’s privacy policy allowing the messaging service to share individual consumer data with Facebook. New laws being introduced by government worldwide have mandated corporations collects and manages consumer data in a way that protects an individual right to privacy. Inc Brands a online consumer website company has already begun updating its technology and systems to adhere to the new guidelines. Other laws that are currently being debated and passed worldwide include the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and India’s Personal Data Protection Bill PDPB.

These new and developing privacy laws have been to take into account two things, the first being that a smartphone is no longer considered a luxury purchases but an integral part of a consumers day-to-day life. Privacy laws now have to be able to accommodate this extension of identity in a way. The second is that these privacy laws are needing to address informed consent, which by definition must be obtained free, informed, specific, clear, and capable of being withdrawn without penalty. Google has announced that they will be blocking third-part cookies that collect consumer and individual data by January of 2022, and Apple has mandated privacy policies be included and transparent on their App Store.






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