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08 Mar

Design & Development

Our Approach to Success

over 2 years ago

The Inc Brands approach to our brand creation & development process is simple but powerful. We start with an idea. Then we brainstorm around that idea. Next, we create multiple outcome flow maps. We refine the core concept and apply the “Inc Method,” well...that’s the last step in our flawless process. What is the Inc Method? The Inc Method is the creative approach to developing our software brands where flexibility, quality, and speed hold precedence.

Our Approach to Success

The Inc Method is our bible for brand development. The values and principles of this method offer more concrete examples of how our brands are able to have so much success.

To help others understand the Inc Method, they need to briefly see what our values and principles mean.

Two of Our Core Principals

#1 Inc Brands: Ambiguity

We believe in open interpretation. We apply this throughout all phases of a brand’s development - every time.

#2 Inc Brands: Patience

Staying up to date in today’s technology climate is tough and requires jet fast speed in knowledge and workmanship. We've created a patience rotation that allows us to achieve the speeds needed to meet deadlines and release dates without compromising quality and technology. We do this by breaking roles into two parts: Crunch week & Patience Week. The rotation consists of one team member on a Crunch week while another is in Patience Week, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve without missing deadlines and goals.

Our Approach to Success

Two of Our Core Values

#1 Sense of Urgency

From concept to reality, our approach in the workplace is always made with a sense of urgency. We’re huge fans of the first man to walk on the moon:)

#2 Recognition and Appreciation

We recognize the fact that everyone on the team plays a crucial part in the development process. No matter how small, big, or square - we reward and recognize everyone on a weekly basis.






Our vision at Inc Brands is to become the leading tech company that builds consumer-search websites and cloud-based software tools that connect small businesses with their ideal audiences. Our vertically focused brands offer tech-savvy solutions that pivot with consumer needs.

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