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01 May

Corporate Announcements

We're making giving back a set-in stone commitment.

about 3 years ago

At Inc. Brands™ our goal is to help our respective communities grow and flourish. We're making giving back a set-in stone commitment.

Which is why we're proud to announce the launch of our Corporate Charitable Giving Program with full support from every employee. Inc. Brands™ is committing to set aside a portion of each year’s net profits to be given as monetary gifts into the communities the following year.

We're making giving back a set-in stone commitment.

Our team members are given four full days of paid community leave to volunteer with charitable organizations of their choice. An additional one day is given to team members to serve together as a group in the community. This time is designed to encourage our team to get out of the office and into our local communities as they look for new and unique ways to give back.

In addition to our Charitable Plan of Action, our management team is committing to increasing our staff size at the local level, which in turn will create anywhere from 15 to 30 jobs per office location. This is an increase of around 200 new jobs by the year 2023. We believe in the communities where we call our offices home and our goal is to start a movement that becomes the community standard.






Our vision at Inc Brands is to become the leading tech company that builds consumer-search websites and cloud-based software tools that connect small businesses with their ideal audiences. Our vertically focused brands offer tech-savvy solutions that pivot with consumer needs.

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