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As the top closing realtor in my metro, I am picky on marketing. HouseGather leads are great and unlike Zillow, I get 100% Market Share for all my zip codes. My account manager Sasan is amazing.

Pam Clark

Real Estate Agent - NV

I spend heavy on Zillow and the only 2 other real estate lead gen systems I use that actually work for me are HouseGather & Realpin. Great leads and the support people are actually helpful.

Brian Botiller

Real Estate Agent - CA

I have been using these guys for almost 10 years and they became my primary lead source year one and have been ever since. That says it all right there. ~Housegather, ~Realpin

John Martin

Real Estate Broker - CO

With I get only seller leads and I listed 3 of my first 9 seller leads and 1 of them was over $1 Mil. Love the system and have been using it for 2 years now.

Johnny Ronca

Associate Broker/Team Leader - TX

I get over 20 leads a month with minimal spend and I am closing deals, great system, amazing ROI, way cheaper per lead than Zillow too. ~Housegather

Georgia F.

Real Estate Agent - FL

Our vision at Inc Brands is to become the leading tech company that builds consumer-search websites and cloud-based software tools that connect small businesses with their ideal audiences. Our vertically focused brands offer tech-savvy solutions that pivot with consumer needs.

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